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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  January 19, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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right now in their quest for six. good evening... i'm brian hackney. and i excitement early on for 49er fans, the team looking good, so far, right now, in their quest for 6. good evening, i'm brian hackmy. >> it looks and sounds electric. >> reporter: you bet. every once this in awhile we will hear a roar here. the third quarter just began. the crowd very much into this thing, one false start against the 49ers probably due to the 12th man. a lot of people have been anticipating this for awhile. a lot of people saying this is the super bowl for all intense
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and purposes right now between these two teams at least. a lot of 49er fans showed up early to be here to watch their team workout. we talked to some of those. >> why do you want to be here? >> represent our super bowl championships. >> quest for 6. >> reporter: amazing, when the 49ers do something good on the field you can hear the fans cheering as well. and, you know, they are not alone. it is the who's who of the nfl here today. you have the commissioner, you have the governor of the state of washington, you have, of course, all of the brass from the nfl elite who are here watching this. a real showdown game. a game that will have, of course, great implications, the winner going on to the super bowl. the loser, end of the season right now. looking good for the red and gold. we will have to see what what
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happens. >> i wanted to ask you about the noise. earlier in the season doctors were warning fans it could be deafening and damaging to their ears. >> listen to this. can you hear any of that? >> absolutely we can hear that. i would not want to be in that. do fans bring in earplugs? >> reporter: no. i don't need earplugs but if you were inside there and you were, you know, sensitive to a lot of loud noises, you would definitely need earplugs and that -- that was a lot of fireworks going off and fan yelling, so, i am thinking it was not good for the 49ers. when they roar it is bad for us. >> yes. they scored a touchdown, that is what you are hearing. >> we are bringing them bad luck. let's go. [ laughter ] >> yes. it is a ball game. tight all of the way until the end. we will be here with live
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reports coming up. we will wrap it up for you one way or the other. >> all right, thank you so much, ken. >> reporter: you bettcha. closer to home, sports bars are packed with 49er fans. >> kpix5 don knapp has more. >> reporter: i heard them talking about the score. we did not hear a sound. before the game got under way the street was filled with people hanging out from the bars. people went into the bars and everything that the niners did that looked positive they were screaming and yelling. here is what it was like inside of the sports bar. >> fans go nuts minutes after the 9ers first score. a field goal. can they be anymore pumped up? >> folks are feeling anxious waiting for this game. it may lead to the super bowl. more than you might imagine. >> i have been anxious for a week. you know, but, 9ers are going to pull it out.
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pull it out. a close game. >> reporter: anxious but hopeful. >> we have been waiting. we are ready to make the quest for number 6. 6 rings, we are strong, we are healthy. >> reporter: is he chewing on his 49er bandana? yes. not everyone was uptight. not throughout the whole game. >> reporter: and when 9ers score again, well t is the most wonderful thing. [cheers and applause] >> super bowl! >> enthusiasm, optimism, confidence all high so far. reporting live in san francisco, kpix5. >> all right, thank you. >> san francisco city officials want to prevent scenes like this from happening. sports fans too excited after a win or a loss. they smashed buses and set them on fire after the giants won them in the world series. to prevent similar scenes, nta is taking the cable cars out of
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service. most will be replaced with shuttles, some muin buses and trains are rerouted. by the way, we know one team that will play in the super bowl. the afc champion denver broncos, they road the arm of manning to victory. manning through 400 yards and two touchdowns as the bronco down the patriots 26-16. and, manning becomes the third quarterback to lead two different teams to the super bowl. a win would make him the only one to win two super bowls with two different teams. >> win or lose a new era of 49er football will begin. they will play at levi stadium. businesses in the south bay tell mark kelly it could be a sunday gold rush. >> reporter: across the street from levi stadium is david's restaurant where pet richa has been working 21 years now. >> there was no -- patricia
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has been working here 21 years now. >> a large number of people at the stadium we will need more employees,. >> reporter: signs show the restaurant catering to a heavy 49ers krout. around the block, benigans is bracing for a new crowd. less business fans and more sports fans. >> reporter: michelle is shift manager, she is staying tight lipped on the plans for game days but has a clear new vision for this restaurant. a home for proud 49er fans and possible he a tailgating space outside of the restaurant. >> go 9ers! >> we want this place to be the place they go before and after the game. >> tell change. it will be insane the amount of people that will be in here for game day. >> reporter: hi lives in santa clara. he hopes the new stadium will bring a new variety of business. >> it is more industial, i
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think, i would like it to be balanced out with places to eat. >> reporter: more people comes more headaches. everyone we talked to they agree ed on one they want fixed. >> parking is one of the concerns. >> the parking, until they build, they have more parking then i think it will be better. >> in santa clara, mark kelly, kpix5. >> speaking of parking. the 49ers reached a deal with a golf and tennis club that will add thousands of more parking spots and allow the team to host games on weekdays, drivers will be allowed to park on the golf course. >> still ahead, after two deadly bombings ahead of the olympic games, two senators are concerned about public safety. >> a look at dr. martin luther king junior's dream in san francisco. how far some say we have come since the civil rights movements of the '60s.
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>> we made it from the 60s to the 70s in the forecast. the forecast coming up after a break
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security worries at this y's winter games in russia. it shows two men-- who clai be the suicide a web site is adding to seckity concerns in russia. two mens claim to be the
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suicide bombers behind last month's bloody bombing. in the video the man threatened a ominous presence to anyone who attends the olympics. russian lawmakers are not taking this lightly. >> i am very concerned about the security status of the olympics. i do believe that the russian government needs to be more cooperative with the united states when it comes to the security of the games. we have found a departure of cooperation that is concerning to me. >> russia insists it beefed up security surrounding the event and the president pledged visitors will be safe. the celebration of the work and life of martin luther king started early ahead of tomorrow's national holiday. we report on the special sunday service at glide memorial
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church. [singing] >> reporter: commemorating martin luther king is always important at glide memorial church. not just because of race but the commitment of the people who come here. >> because what i want to do is change the world. i want to change the community and their neighborhood. i want people to be can be changed. >> reporter: church pastor, williams, marched with king during the civil rights movement. despite the ride, he was an impatient man. >> how long, how long will it take us to make the dream a reality? how long will it take us? and he kept raising that question. >> reporter: but look closely you and may get a glimpse of king's dream. people here come from different neighborhoods and lifestyles just to spend time together. >> i think what you are seeing is just people who are hungry for that diversity and that experience of having everyone around them. everyone who is represented in san francisco. >> reporter: this is the time each year when americans ask themselves how far have we come? and how much further have we
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go. >> it has been an effect. it is trickling on. the playing field is not even yet. >> in terms of race and kwality it is -- we just begun that process that martin luther king was the kicking off point. i think it is tkpwepbingeration, people my age we have to depart this earth -- generation, people my age we have to depart this earth and leave it to people who did. >> it is between evolution and not revolution. perhaps dr. king's dream can only be realized by those who grew up in a different world rather than imagining one. in san francisco, back to you. still ahead. holy bank balance, bat kid. how the entire sogga in november is being paid for
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[niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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in 20-12, there were just oa thousand cases of the highly contagious respiratory dise st year, that nu california is seeing an increase in the case of whooping cough. last year the number jumped to more than 1600. the vast majority of cases were in kids age 7-16. experts say there are two reasons, one, kids not getting the recommended booster shots and many parents are foregoing immunization all together. president barack obama says he does not believe marijuana is more dangerous than alcohol. in an extra with "new yorker magazine" he says pot is let's dangerous on the impact of the consumer but does not argue for legalizing pot. he acknowledged to smoking marijuana when he was younger and now says it was a bad idea. >> well, another act of
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generosity helped san francisco cover bat kid day. it cost the city $105,000 to make mile's dream come true last november. john marshall goldman wrote san francisco to pay the entire tab after hearing make-a-wish was trying to raise money to pay the city. it was make a wish who transformed the city into tkpwogt -- gothem city. we can not help ourselves, scott towers in south carolina are no more. the 14 story public housing site was demolished this morning to make way for a new apartment complex. these towers were built in 1970. the decision was made to demolish them after straubgt ral problems were found. and, in the subject of -- after structural problems were found. and, in the subject of weather, not quite as warm today as yesterday.
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we are still in record-setting territory. right now, concord is at 63 degrees, livermore, 61, santa rose a65 degrees, a beautiful sunday around the bay area. warm readings and yet with that high pressure still overhead we have a spare the air day in effect. illegal to burn north, central coast, the east bay with unhelpful levels of pollutants in the atmosphere. so far does not look like it is posted for tomorrow. just for today. so, as long as the high pressure remains in full command of the pacific we are looking at things chilly tonight. the temperatures at 5:00, near 50 degrees hanging out for what will be a celebration after the game. with clear skies continuing during the day, times two tomorrow. middle 30s inland. low 40s inland. low 50s around the shoreline and then later in the day for martin luther king day, unseasonably warm. warm spots, 71 degrees, middle 60s for around much of the rest of the bay area. here is how it looks on the
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time lapse. the eastern pacific. low pressure spinning around the islands just heading straight up over alaska. and, even over parts of british columbia. the high pressure is moving all of the moisture, the energy out to the pacific. forth of california. a warm and dry week ahead as we look from the cliff house over ocean beach. we get chilly temperatures at night continuing, sunny and warmer. the drought continues, no rain yet at least. there is at least though for the first time in awhile a hint of things changing. not a week from today. but, maybe a week from monday. the atmosphere opens it up. maybe it will be the beginning of what we will see. tomorrow, winds out of the north. 15, 67 degrees at the airport. losangeles, 79 degrees, chicago has snow. for the rest, new york, 43, partly cloudy skies. overnight tonight, chilly up in santa rose a31 degrees, 32 at fairfield and 35 at livermore.
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we are above average this time of the year. 15 degrees warmer in oakland. concord, it will be about 12 degrees above average in santa fe, 9 degrees above average. tomorrow, near 70 degrees. in much of the bay area. the extended forecast. not going to change much. readings continue in the upper 60s, low 70s, thursday, friday, a few clouds, no rain, it will go sunny again next weekend. so, the look ahead nice and warm, ann? >> it happened again. a pod of whales stranded themselves off of the florida coast. this is in gordon pass. experts say the whales appear thin. rescuers are using the tide to guide the whales for water in the gulf of mexico. in december, 50 whales piloted themselves in the park. 7 died, 4 euthanized. but it is not clear if the whales are among the same ones that beached themselves last month. speaking of whales, got a
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whale of a game going on right now. >> yes. the director keeps updating me on the score. i am posted all of the time. >> should not be shocked. a tight one. too close to call. but, while we wait for for the 49ers to try to take care of -- wait for the 49ers to try to take care of business, we have cooking tips. speaking of cooking, there was cooking by the afc champions ,,,,,,,,,,
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[son] she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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afc vs nfc... ...can't have super bowl with both confer
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we are talking about the 49ers but local pwoeurbgs tom brady trying to get in the super bowl. >> he tried. afc vs nfc. can not have a super bowl without both conference reps. however the 49er/seahawks game works out. manning will be waiting in a couple of weeks. mannings's denver broncos made its way. colliding with welker. he got the worst of. it did not return to the game. advantage, manning, up 3. now, tamme, now, played it 13-3 at the half, 3rd quarter, more manning, that of 43, 400 yards, we went to work and picked it apart. new england, you saw the strike to decker. here is a strike to thomas. manning drive. 7 minutes from the drive.
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to get the touchdown. 20-3. brady and the patriots struggled. look at it this deep ball. who is it going to? nobody. how about the back of the end zone? no rhythm for the patriots, you see brady sack there. and the patriots just -- they would not give up. they made it interesting. cut it to 10 midway in the 4th. they went for 2. but no sir. stopped. and that was game, set, match. in favor of the broncos. who win it 26-16. first super bowl for denver since 1998. >> it is an exciting feeling. i can remember both times that we won the afc championship. i am an afc guy. i am bias towards this conference. i think it say hard conference
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to win. -- i think it is a hard conference to win. you feel like you did something to win it. >> i had losses in the super bowl that have been tough. last year's lots was tough. this year it is pretty tough. losing is not easy. >> after four years of professional tennis, which included titles ken flack traded in one passion for another. flack was cooking while he was at the top of his game. he has a restaurant where his specialty is pulled pork dishes. yummy dishes, even ones they can make adhome to get ready for the big game -- make at home to get ready for the big game. >> we make our home made potato. >> potato, slice it up, throw it in the deep fryer. >> you can use your own chips, kettle chips you don't have to
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make them yourselves. just add shredded cheese. and bacon bits over here. and then pop it in the broiler. you can do it on a man, too, if you wanted. then you pit a little side of sour cream or ranch dressing and you have like potato skins. a bbq salad and we like to do a mix of the ingredients. these are sliced peupl -- pimentos. >> i love beef, so i put it on my salad. we love artichoke hearts around here. can't go wrong with that. nice combination. nice colors. >> man look at that. >> little pulled pork sliders that are always delicious and tasty. all right, pop your pork on
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there. and this is all -- [losted audio ] >> add sliced pickles. we would add slaw. yes. nashville they love that on their sandwiches. you can not go wrong. a great combination of sweet and tangy and spicy and so something like that right there it will be a big hit. >> boy, hungry for that. i am hungry. now, the 9ers seem to be hungry for victory. they are up 17-13. so far in the game. >> making you nervous or you expected that? >> no. not nervous, but nice to see them win. >> i agree with you. thank you very much. we appreciate you watching, believe me when i say that. that is it for us at 5:30. we will be back in half an hour
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and we have updates on-line. >> good night. thanks for watching
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>> glor: tonight arctic air blast part two. a new wave of bone chilling temperatures moves in tonight and will affect more than half the country in the week ahead. we'll have details. the nuclear deal with iran starts tomorrow. but will congress upend the agreement? david martin reports. americans saying no thanks to the olympics. don dahler and why so many are staying awayrorussia's winter games. >> perfect. >> and homework at school, lessons at home? dean reynolds shows us the flipped classroom. >> it makes that class time so much richer than it was in the past. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> jeff: good evening, everyone, i'm jeff glor with a western edition of the broadct.


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